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The Pros & Cons of Earning a Graduate Degree Abroad
Choosing to attend graduate school overseas is a big decision. Read on and let us help you weigh the pros and cons of earning a graduate degree abroad.

Graduate school is an important step in your education and there are many options to consider. Do you pick a school close to home or go out of state? What about a graduate degree abroad? As someone who has earned master’s degrees in the US and Ireland, I can confidently say there are both pros and cons to earning a master’s or PhD abroad.Every year, students from across the US go overseas to earn their graduate degrees. For these individuals, the pros of studying abroad far outweigh any potential cons. But what are the benefits of studying at a foreign university?

In this post, I’ll give you an overview of the pros and cons of studying abroad from my own experience. This includes the sunny days as well as the rainy days because let’s be real, studying abroad isn’t rosy all the time.I hope that after reading all the advantages and disadvantages you might have a better idea of whether studying abroad is something for you or not.My overall advice? Just do it! It’s AMAZING!

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1 Pros of studying abroad

1.1 Getting out of your comfort zone

1.2 Learning how to live independently

1.3 Making new friends

1.4 Seeing the world and making unforgettable memories

1.5 Learning about a new language and culture

1.6 Employers like it

1.7 Starting your life with a blank

page2 Cons of studying abroad

2.1 It’s expensive

2.2 You’ll be missing out on events at home

2.3 Culture shock is real

2.4 Language and cultural barriers can be frustrating

2.5 You might feel lonely

2.6 Preparation stress


Getting out of your comfort zone

Suddenly, you’re doing everything on your own (although you still have your support back home) and you’re coming into the most unexpected situations.By getting pulled out of your comfort zone you learn a lot about yourself and what you want to do in life.

Learning how to live independently

consider this as a huge pro for later, so if you decide to study abroad, you’re going to come back much more independent.

Making new friends

By St Francis

There are lots of opportunities to meet new people abroad. Many universities organize special activities for international students which give you plenty of occasions to make new friends.

Learning about a new language and culture

You’ll notice that university life will be very different. There are huge differences in teaching styles around the world and life perspectives in general. Taking a look at certain things from another point of view really is an eye-opener!After your study abroad, you’ll be able to much better understand and see the perspectives of other cultures.

Cons Of Studying Abroad

It’s expensive

Yes it costs a lot to buy that plane ticket, find a place to rent and if you’re unlucky the currency rate is not in your favour.

Plus, you’re probably not going to be able to work abroad. To find a student job you’ll need a work permit which you’ll have to apply for with your visa. Depending on your visa you might not be able to get this.

You Might Feel Lonely

There’s nothing weird or bad about this. You will feel lonely at some point and it’s completely normal because in essence you’re travelling and living in a new country all by yourself.


Although I ended with all the disadvantages, I hope you don’t forget all the positive sides there are to studying abroad! With decent planning and a lot of research, you’ll be able to overcome all these challenges and make your study abroad the best time of your life!

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