Listed 2023-2024 Universities Without Application Fee For Admission

By | March 23, 2023

It is hard sometimes when students are to be paying application fees to seek admission at universities which is not 100% assured that the person will be automatically granted admission. And this is why it always takes effort to find out the names of Universities that process applications without charging students application or processing fees.

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List of No Application Fees Universities in 2023

Below is the complete verified list of all international Colleges and Universities without Application fees requirement in 2023:

  1. University of Wollongong
  2. University of Edinburgh
  3. Beloit College
  4. Drake College
  5. NUAA University China
  6. Thomas Aquinas College
  7. Smith College
  8. Reed College
  9. Denison University
  10. Heidelberg University
  11. Huazhong Agricultural University
  12. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat München
  13. Creighton University
  14. University of the Free State
  15. Technical University of Munich
  16. Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology
  17. Booth University College
  18. Union College
  19. Lewis & Clark College
  20. Wooster College
  21. Hendrix College
  22. Transylvania University
  23. Humboldt University Berlin
  24. University Of Pretoria
  25. Victoria University
  26. University of Alberta
  27. KIT | Kumoh National Institute of Technology
  28. University of British Columbia
  29. University of Notre Dame Australia
  30. South China University of Technology
  31. Fairleigh Dickinson University
  32. Jiangsu University
  33. University Of South Africa
  34. Nanjing University (No fee for Scholarship Applicants)
  35. BIT China (No fee for Scholarship Candidates)
  36. University of Tulane (Application fee Waiver Request)
  37. University of Vermont (Application Fee waiver Request)
  38. Case Western Reserve University (Application Fee Waiver Request)
  39. Jackson State University (Application fee Waiver Request)
  40. University of Louisiana (Application fee waiver request)
  41. St. John’s University (Application fee waiver request)

I know people are marvel at this policy by the above schools authorities but every day something new must happen that’s why journalist get their news everyday.

Friends, I know its humans nature that when ever we hear that something is free, then we consider it maybe inferior or something else. Make use of this opportunity.

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