List of Colleges Of Education (Teacher Training Colleges) In Ghana, Both Public And Private

By | December 1, 2022

The Colleges of education in Ghana are the Universities authorized to deliver teaching and learning skills, experience and manners as part of a profession to enable students help the society after they have graduated as professional teachers. It is well noted that there are about two hundred (200) universities in Ghana but each of them have their own missions and objectives to fulfill.

Analytically, some of the universities in Ghana were purposely commissioned with the aim of delivering information and communication skills to students who dream of taken that career path, others were also established to train students for a very profession and many more.

Individuals who wish to take this career path should understand what it takes to become a professional teacher. At times people try to divert this course to another course later when they realize things are not working on well for them in so many ways, more seriously on the salary attach to this kind of profession and sometimes lost of interest may cause people to lately regret along side of the service.

More serious on note, every countries success is base on their human resources, and teachers can never be exclusive when talking about the growth of a country relatively to it’s available resources. But one think teachers should understand about their excellent profession is that, considering and valuing their service and the salary they take is ideally not enough but God pays them with something very precious than money. One thing i have realized about teachers is that “they always grow young, and sometimes old age but stronger and young looking”. Indeed this is one the blessings.

The Table Below Contains The List of Colleges of Education In Ghana

Name of CollegeLocationBoxTelephone Number
Abetifi Presbyterian College of EducationAbetifiP. O. Box 190342030177
Accra College of EducationLegonP. O. Box 2210302865737
Agogo Presbyterian College of EducationAgogoP. O. Box 260322092185
Ada College of EducationAdaP. O. Box 340303522220
Akatsi College of EducationAkatsiP. O. Box PMB0362644408
Akrokerri College of EducationAkrokerriP. O. Box 320322021659
Atebubu College of EducationAtebubuP. O. Box 290352622024
Bagabaga College of EducationER TamaleP. O. Box 350372023247
Berekum College of EducationBerekumP. O. Box 740352222018
Bimbila E.P. College of EducationBimbilaP. O. Box 160372023742/0372023180
 Dambai College of EducationDambaiP. O. Box 840362122103
Enchi College of EducationEnchiP. O. Box 44
Evangelical Presbyterian College of EducationAmedzofeP. O. Box 120362122002
Foso College of EducationFosoP. O. Box PMB
Gbewaa College of EducationBawkuP. O. Box 157
Holy Child College of EducationTakoradiP. O. Box 2450312023430
Jasikan College of EducationJasikanP. O. Box 14
Kibi Presbyterian College of EducationKibiP. O. Box PMB0342030766
Komenda College of EducationKomendaP. O. Box KM50312095131
Mampong Technical College of EducationMampong-

P. O. Box 310322222209
Mount Mary College of EducationSomanyaP. O. Box 190342091414
Nusrat Jahan College of EducationWa

P. O. Box 710392022338
Ofinso College of EducationOffinso-AshantiP. O. Box 7
Ola College of EducationCape coastP. O. Box 1750332133256/0332133202
Peki College of EducationAkropong-

P. O. Box 140362722043
Presbyterian Women’s College of EducationAburiP. O. Box 190342822039
SDA College of EducationAsokore-
P. O. Box 180342021281
St John Bosco College of EducationNavrongoP. O. Box 110382122617
St. Francis’ College of EducationHohoeP. O. Box 1000362722006
St. Joseph College of EducationBechemP. O. Box 150352122332
 St. Louis College of EducationKumasiP. O. Box 30410322028081
St. Monica’s College of Education Mampong-
P. O. Box 2500322222205
St. Teresa’s College of EducationHohoeP.O. Box 1290362722043
 Tamale College of EducationTamaleP.O. Box 140372023687
Tumu College of EducationTumuP. O. Box 190392020901
Wesley College of EducationKumasiP. O. Box 19270322028541/0322022264
Wiawso College of EducationWiawsoP. O. Box 9450312095131

These Are The Private Colleges of Education In Ghana

Name of College LocationBoxTelephone Number
AIM Professionals Institute and Training CollegeHoP. O. Box HP 12890362091581/0277854465
Cambridge Teacher Training CollegeU.K,
Holy Spirit College of EducationHoP. O. Box HP 11960362027114
Jackson College Of EducationKNUST – KumasiP. O. Box UP 9500208163911
McCoy College Of EducationNadowli-WAP. O. Box 47
Methodist College of EducationAkim Oda
SDA College of EducationAgona-KuamsiP. O. Box 480
St Ambrose College of EducationDromaa Akwamu, B/A

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