How To Get Admission Early As It Is Expected

By | December 10, 2022

Applicants should be aware that the Universities as they opened their admission portals for various applicants will by the same means give admission notice to successful applicants through their phone numbers or mails within a time period. Basically, either in August, September or October depending on the institution’s policy.

Yes, but some receives their admission notice earlier than others. In this post,we are going to show you the reason the late grant of admission and also why others receive theirs so early.

Why Others Admission Notice Come In Late Whilst Others Receive theirs soo early

Granting admission to applicants usually has a time period base on the managements decision. That fact that an applicant first did applied for the course doesn’t mean they have to be admitted first. Sometimes some applicants may come in very late but may be granted admission before the others because of their qualification. And it is so only when the administration in charge do not opened or gave out any grace period. That is extension of application deadline. These are the major reasons for the above explations:

  • The management usually consider the individual results as far as the school requirement and also faculty cut-off point is concern.
  • Sometimes people may get their notice late because of individual differences: grace naturally locate people no matter how policies work in some institution’s. Some may got favoured with protocols and others may also follow the laid down procedures of the institution.
  • Moreover, these happen when the management decide to the normal admission process which doesn’t necessary requires first in first out but base on qualification, results and faculties requirements.
  • The last thing we can talk about is unreachable destinations of applicants. At times the geographical location of some applicants may not be reach either by poor network coverage, inactive mails and others.

The Best Thing To Do When You Are In Await For a Notice Or a Call After Applying For a Course

Basically, this could be in vice versa or reciprocal of the points stated above.

Procedures On How To Apply For Admission

  • Visit the bank to purchase e-voucher which will give you access to log in to the university’s portal and apply for admission.
  • After purchasing of the voucher, login to the university’s website to access admission.
  • Having not login to the admission portal, select your admission status, either graduate or undergraduate in respective to your enrollment mode.
  • Select the programe you wish to be offer.
  • Upload the necessary documents you will be ask for. Either being your WASCE or SSCE results, birth certificate, passport picture and other. Birth certification sometimes not necessary but depending on the institution’s requirements on documents.
  • After filling and uploading the necessary documents, you will have to review to make sure of what you are about to send is alright.
  • After the review, then you click on apply to submit.
  • Print a copy of your admission form for future reference. Because some universities do request in the process of acceptance.

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