How To Get Admission After Admission Deadline

By | December 4, 2022

Admission deadline refer to the period or time range allowed by an institution for fresh students or applicants to apply for any of the institutions academic courses base on their qualifications. After this period when the admission portal is closed, the management of this institution will decide if they have reach their quota or not and if there is need to extend the deadline for applicants.

In general, every university have their own time period to call out for new students but they are all scheduled and must be done in the same year according to Education codes. The tertiary education system in Ghana is in three folds, theses are the National Universities, Technical Universities, Training Colleges (College Educations and Nursing Colleges). Mostly, many universities do open their admission portal early April to either August or September ending.

National Universities like Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Ghana, University of Education, University of Cape Coast and University of Development and others do open their admission portal on the stated date above.

Moreover, colleges of education also opens their application portal the same date as they are affiliated to the two education national universities in Ghana (university of education and university of cape coast) respectively.

The Following Are Some Tips To Help Guide You To Get Admission After Admission Deadline Is Due

  • Quickly check the university website or contact the university staff directly and see if they have late applications option for late comers. Universities keep courses and programs open for late applicants for different reasons, mainly to make sure all the available faculties are filled.
  • If you have not undergone through the process of preparing all the required documents for the initial application deadline, you will have to move faster enough prepare everything you need to be summitted on time.
  • On the other hand, applicant who is a little bit closer to the said institution must walk in directly to the university’s admission office ton plead if there could be of help.
  • In a situation where there is no offer for you, i will encourage you to visit another institution maybe there will be of help.
  • If your labor ends in vain, thus yield in any good result, please do not accept any other offer which you never wished for. Relax and wait for another academic year but this time make sure you do the necessary enquiry to be able to catch up with the admission.

What To Do When Applying Late To A University Admission In The States (U.S)

  • Oftenly, late applications are available for certain course of study. More especially to courses which are in less demand. So carefully check the list or get informed about the available courses for late applications.
  • Some UK universities with no application deadline, students can submit application documents through UCAS to save time. UCAS is an online system that allow you to apply up to 5 different universities at the same time.
  • Late applicants do not guarantee that they will be offered an actual place in to study. For that their eligibility will be determined based on their qualifications.

I will therefore urge everyone to get prepared if they know better that they are going to further their education in a specific academic year to avoid time delaying and discouragement as a result of application deadlines.

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