How To Apply For Admission At The Public Universities

By | December 9, 2022

Procedures to apply for admission at the public universities is unlike that of the private universities. Private universities have their own policies and rules which guides them. They decides by themselves when to graduate, time to write their end of semester exams, when to call out for new applicants, make decision on their tuition fees and more.

Public universities usually open admission for applicants in the month of April to August ending and maybe base on the number of applicant for the year may encourage the management to call for grace period in respect of the time allowed. Applicants can only apply for admission only when the institution’s admission portal is opened. And it is done only on the universities admission portal.

Instances Which May Cause Applicant Not To Apply For The Current Year Admission But May Consider as a Student (Fresh Student).

There are some instances which may allow an applicant to exempt from buying or applying for the current year’s admission. These could be the following:

  • A repeated student of the institution.
  • A successful applicants who paid part or full fee and sake of some relevant situation, they wasn’t able to enrolled. Moreover, this could be agreement between the administration and the applicant.
  • A repeated or differed student who by some means exempted from the school academic activities. Either from lectures, end of semester examination and others.

Procedures On How To Apply For An Admission

  • Visit the bank to purchase e-voucher which will give you access to log in to the university’s portal and apply for admission.
  • After purchasing of the voucher, login to the university’s website to access admission.
  • Having not login to the admission portal, select your admission status, either graduate or undergraduate in respective to your enrollment mode.
  • Select the programe you wish to be offer.
  • Upload the necessary documents you will be ask for. Either being your WASCE or SSCE results, birth certificate, passport picture and other. Birth certification sometimes not necessary but depending on the institution’s requirements on documents.
  • After filling and uploading the necessary documents, you will have to review to make sure of what you are about to send is alright.
  • After the review, then you click on apply to submit.
  • Print a copy of your admission form for future reference. Because some universities do request in the process of acceptance.

To throw more light on the above steps, especially the last point which talks about printing a copy of your admission form: it is not all the universities that request for a copy of the admission form but others do ask for it. And even the technical universities may ask you to post the copy of the admission form to their postal address or you may submit by yourself only if you are nearest to the institution to avoid postal cost.

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