Currently Compiled Norway Jobs With VISA Sponsorship In 2023 for International Applicants

By | March 21, 2023

This is for the job seekers: unemployed, fresh graduate, or looking to find a better work opportunity abroad then i announce to you to please read this article on Norweigian Job Opportunities for international applicants in 2023.

starting your professional career in Norway no more but a dream come true like, as it requires a lot of effort and day and night struggle. But once you have surpassed all the obstacles, hundreds of vacant positions are available in different fields, offering lifetime benefits, high salaries, and memorable experiences. Applicants facing trouble in making the right amount of money in their hometowns can root for Norway better earning possibilities.

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These Are The Latest Norwegian Jobs 2023 for International Applicants:

sake of critical fiscal situations, I also moved to Norway for a high-income job a few years back. Initially, it felt like a tough decision, but with time, I observed a noticeable difference in my savings, working hours, and work-life balance. Like me, other interested international applicants can also apply for jobs in healthcare, universities, banks, labor fields, etc., and enjoy a stress-free life there.

1. Jobs in Norwegian Aviation Industry:

First on our list is the well-paid jobs in the Aviation sector, including National Airlines, Various Flying companies, or Airports. Such opportunities are not limited to flying operations, as one can work here as a Flight Instructor, Air Traffic Controller, Ticketing Agent, or Pilot. Meanwhile, the average estimated salaries for the above posts with incredible benefits are; NOK 974,577/ year, NOK 289,000/ annum, NOK 341,000/ year,

However, these commendable jobs are open at Flyr Airline, Pilot Flight Academy, Qatar Airways, Oslo Airport, etc., looking for deserving candidates to fill available positions. Considering educational requirements, For Airline Ticketing Agent, a BS, MS, or a diploma in the relevant field with expertise in reservation & customer service is mandatory. However, experienced pilots require a clean criminal record, a valid passport, English proficiency, & an aviation degree with Private Pilot License. Similarly, Air Traffic Controller must hold a BS degree in Flight Crew Training, & Flight Instructor needs a Bachelor’s degree & a Commercial Pilot license.

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2. Jobs in Norwegian Healthcare Sector:

The Norwegian healthcare system is known for being the most advanced yet finest healthcare management system, with highly paid jobs for professional and skilled registered nurses, medical directors, physiotherapists, physicians, etc. Under these positions, one can earn NOK 459,000/ annum as a qualified nurse, NOK 2,122,081 in a year as a reputed Medical Director, NOK 1,130,000/ year as a physiotherapist, & NOK 1,440,000/ annum as a General Physician.

 In the same way, a Registered Nurse needs a Bachelor’s degree in a Nursing program with authorization from the Norwegian Health Directorate. Similarly, physiotherapists must have a diploma/ certificate/ BS degree in the relevant field with an employment certificate. However, Medical directors are bound to have a degree in Medicine or equivalent education with Good Clinical Practice & Bio Tech.

3. Teaching Jobs in Norway:

Another renowned field that one can consider to pursue a professional career in Norway is Teaching. Working in the field of teaching opens a wide range of job opportunities with high salaries. For instance, as an Associate Professor, one can make NOK 688,085/ year, Secondary School Teacher will earn around NOK 495,000/ annum, and a Senior Lecturer will get NOK 862,000/ year, with infinite perks.

 However, Associate Professor must have a doctorate in education or early childhood education, and Lecturers need a Master’s or Post doctorate in the relevant field with published academic work.

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4. Jobs in the Norwegian Banking Sector:

If you are eager to be a part of Norway’s banking corporate market, here is your chance to find banking sector jobs in Denmark. Dozens of reputable Danish banks are searching for international talent to take the country’s financial market up to the sky. In this regard, various vacancies are open at Nordea Bank, IEG-Investment Banking Groups, Solace Corporation, and more.

Meanwhile, salaries in the banking sector of Denmark might differ because of academic qualifications and work experience. If you are skilled and talented, then you can earn around NOK 106,000 as Customer Care Representative, NOK 1,170,000 as Finance Manager, NOK 630,000 as an experienced Accountant, & NOK 1,040,000 as Branch Manager.

 In the meantime, a Customer Care representative must have a secondary or equivalent education with fluency in Norwegian or English and knowledge of MS office. Lastly, Branch Manager needs a BS or MS degree in Business Administration, Commerce, or Finance, with a 2 to 3 years of work experience.

5. Engineering Jobs in Norway:

Just like the other occupations, the field of engineering also offered exciting employment options with competitive salaries. Here exceptionally qualified professionals can showcase their talent as Mechanical Engineer, Lead Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Chemical Process Engineer, etc. Meanwhile, the expected salaries for the above job posts are NOK 545,000/ year, NOK 902,425/ year, NOK 590,000/ annum, & NOK 621,000 in a year, respectively. On the other hand, suitable positions can be found at Baker Hughes Norway, Nigel Wright Group, 7ocean AS, COWI, etc.

However, Electrical & Mechanical engineers should have an Engineering Certificate or a BS or MS degree in Engineering, with knowledge of Hydraulic Control Systems. Similarly, Chemical Process Engineers with a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and experience in R & D, Lime Industry, or process engineering are welcome to apply.

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6. Hotel Jobs in Norway:

Working in Norwegian hotels opens several earning options for desperate applicants, as it is the most preferred holiday destination for tourists.

One can work for the following positions with estimated salaries, like night receptionist for NOK 302,000/ year, a Chef for NOK 524,462/ year, a Restaurant Supervisor for NOK 725,000/ annum, & an experienced Bartender for NOK 233,000 a year. Meanwhile, these interesting jobs are open at Quality Hotel Expo, Nordic Hotels & Resorts, Radisson Hotel Groups, Dalen Hotel, etc.

As far as educational requirements are concerned, a Restaurant Supervisor must have a preferred college degree with leadership, communication, & organization skills. Meanwhile, English and Norwegian proficiency, with a high school diploma/ equivalent education, and excellent verbal or written skills are mandatory, with 1 year of work experience for receptionists and many more.

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