Current Netherlands 2023 Jobs With VISA Sponsorship for International Applicants

By | March 21, 2023

Let’s Talk About Netherlands Job Possibilities in 2023

Foreign Jobs are naturally response in qualifications and competency. It is so because a lot of countries offer better conditions to individuals for their skills.  Which may not be easy to get a work permit in certain countries, having the right skills sought by the employers can certainly put you on top. For those of you interested in applying for a job in Netherlands, here we have compiled a list of top 10 posts with their job requirements that may benefit you.

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1- Nursing & Doctors Jobs

Netherlands has one of the best health care systems, providing high quality treatments to its citizens. Per capita expenditure on health care in Netherlands in the recent year was approximately 7000 euros. With almost 10 percent of GDP spent on the healthcare system in last few years, Netherlands ranks fairly higher than other European countries in this regard. Some of the job openings in health care sector are discussed below.

Many hospitals and schools offer positions for the nursing staff with a pay package. In schools, nurses or first aid responders are tasked with looking after the children who get sick during school hours. This type of work requires the applicant to at least have a minimum of one year prior experience with a diploma in nursing. Fluency in Dutch language is also mandatory if you are looking to apply for this job.

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2- Jobs for Lecturers

For any nation wishing to flourish, it is imperative that education sector be prioritized. As per a report, government in Netherlands spent approximately 43 billion euros on education in the year 2020 and around 329,000 students got registered in universities in the same year. With such an influx of students, many universities frequently offer job openings for lecturers, research assistants and professors to meet the increasing demands. Some of them are listed below.

A job of this sort typically requires PhD level education in the subject you are intending to apply for. On average, lecturers make 40k-60k euros annually. Of course, the figure would be different depending on the university you work for. Additionally, around 3k euros are also offered as bonuses and commissions annually. You can find openings for lecturer posts in the following universities Leiden University, Vrije University Amsterdam (junior lecturer), Utrecht University, Wageningen University & Research.

3- Jobs for Researchers

For those of interested in acquiring a job in research department, Netherlands has some great options.  Starting from 2k euros monthly, average wage can go as high as 7k euros per month for someone working for a company like TATA Steel Ijmuiden. A Master’s degree is the minimum required qualification for this post

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4- Jobs for Engineers in Netherlands

Engineers in Amsterdam make around 70k €annually with added yearly bonus of 16k € approx. A Master’s degree in any engineering field would be required to qualify for these posts. Furthermore, prior experience in the relevant field would certainly give you an edge.  For those of you interested in applying for these posts, here is a list of companies that you can look for TOPIC Software Development, Fluor Corporation Hoofddorp, GE Renewable Energy Rijswijk.

5- Front Desk Receptionists Jobs

These jobs do not have specific educational requirements but with certain skills, you can definitely stand out amongst others. These may include; good socialization and communication skills, being approachable and proactive. Jobs of this nature usually pay around 11-13€ hourly. You may want to look into these hotels if you are interested in applying for this vacancy at CityHub Rotterdam, Heye 130, NH Centre Utrecht, and many Dutch multinationals.

6- Dishwashers Jobs in Netherlands

The importance of hotels for a country’s economy cannot be overlooked. They provide a safe space for travelers from all over the world and the resultant influx of tourists supports local economy through the money they spend on stores and local attractions. Below I have included few job positions at hotels that may interest some of you.

Dishwashers make sure that chefs have clean kitchenware to do their end of the job and that diners never have an unpleasant experience. So, of course, the job may seem menial to some but it certainly is not. No educational certifications or prior experience is mandatory to work as a Dishwasher post and you get paid €14 per hour by some restaurants. You can search for a dishwasher position at Conservatorium Hotel, Dignita den hag, Hosokawa Amsterdam, InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, The Sea Food Bar, Hotel Twenty-Seven, or Hotel Seven one Seven.

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7- Chefs Jobs in Netherlands

If you are an experienced cook specializing in different cuisines, there is certainly a place for you too. You can earn up to 5k € monthly in this sector. If you are on the hunt for this type of work, here is a list of hotels to keep in mind Satchmo Amsterdam, The hoxton – lloyd Amsterdam, Holland Casino, Ashoka Restaurant.

8- HR Managers Jobs in Netherlands

Banking is a vital sector in Netherlands providing funds for domestic and international businesses. Here is a list of jobs for those interested in this area.

HR managers have a multitude of responsibilities from the hiring of new staff members to the enforcement of company policies and typically earn 31k-70k€ annually in Netherlands Additionally, if you are working at a store like IKEA, you can expect an employee discount on their products as well which is definitely a plus. If you are someone with a degree related to business, here are a few company options you can consider IKEA, Medical export group B.V., Movares Utrecht, Wyzer Utrecht.

9- Accountants Jobs in Netherlands

Accountants are in charge of managing financial records and other transactions. In Netherlands, you can expect 25-70k € yearly for this type of work. A Bachelors or a Masters degree in business administration, accounting, business economy or an equivalent degree is mandatory if you wish to apply. Previous working experience of at least a year is also preferred by some companies. Additionally, it greatly helps if you are well acquainted with Excel and have a data smart mindset.

10- Construction Workers Jobs in Netherlands

These are definitely one of the most laborious jobs with over 40 working hours per week and a usual pay of 11-15€ per hour. Basic working knowledge of this work would be expected of you if you are thinking to apply for this job. You can consider the following companies if you wish to apply for this post at Royal B.A.M. Vermeer, Blue Color & Safety Weert, Werktalent

it is advisable for our cherish readers to visit the said firm, institution or the company’s website to see if there is still vacancies for them relatively to their profession. Keep your searches on for more updates.

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