Current Argentina Jobs With VISA – Application Process

By | March 19, 2023

This article is base on ILR report, jobs for educationists, healthcare workers, engineers, and IT experts are in high demand in Argentina in the year 2023 (Source: International Labor Org). International job seekers in settling down in Argentina this year are all eligible to apply for this jobs. You might find it surprising but living in Argentina is easy and less expensive than that of USA and to surprise you, you may need 50% to 60% less money to live in Argentina compared to America (Source: So why not work in Argentina where salaries are high for in-demand, professions and living cost is quite low which further means you’ll be saving a good amount of money as you settle here in Argentina.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you with all the information on which type of Argentina Work Permit would suit your need, its application process, application fees, and duration of VISA.

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Argentina Work VISA Types in 2023

Argentina offers two main types of Work Permits to international workers to legally start working in their country whereas, workers on MERCOSUR temporary work permits are also allowed to find jobs in Argentina. Citizens of countries Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil are exempted from obtaining any of these Argentinian VISA types in 2023. Let me give you the names and details of those three Argentinian Work VISA’s available for applications in 2023:

  • Intra-Company Transfer VISA (23 E Article)
  • Labor Contract VISA (23 A Article)
  • MERCOSUR Temporary Residence VISA (23 L Article)

Submitting an application for any of these Argentinian visas would require you to submit a US$250 application fee to get your application processed in time (Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Worship Argentina).

1# Intra-Company Transfer VISA (23 E Article)

If you are working for a Multinational company or organization in your home country that also has a branch or office in Argentina and at some point, that company wants to shift you to its Argentina Branch then in that case Intra-company Transfer VISA for Argentina would be required. There is no need to apply for a labor contract when pursuing Argentina’s Intra-company transfer VISA but the workers need to be placed on the local payroll so that their work VISA for Argentina can be extended if needed.

2# Labor Contract VISA (23 A Article)

The labor contract (Article 23 A) Argentina VISA is the most common type of work permit assigned to a maximum number of skilled workers whose work duration is more than 3 months. This labor contract VISA for Argentina remains valid for a year which further can be extended if required and its holder would be considered as a local Argentinian employee and be given a CUIT number and a DNI number (Documento Nacional de Identidad).

3# MERCOSUR Temporary Residence VISA 

European Union created an EU-MERCOSUR trade agreement between four countries (Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay); which now means the citizens of any of these countries can actually apply for a MERCOSUR temporary residence permit to legally enter Argentina to start working on any job.

List of Documents Needed to Apply Work VISA for Argentina?

This is the most important section of my article because you will be required to produce a set of documents upon visiting Argentina’s consular office for VISA application. Therefore, please make sure to have a passport, 4x4cm (2) Photographs, a filled out VISA Application (e) form, address proof, your character certificate of last three years issued by your local police station, receipt of application fees (US$250) followed by an embassy interview.

Keep searching time to time on as we are in a process compiling all the available jobs in the year 2023 which are lucrative and assured with Visa.

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