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By | March 24, 2023

High Salary jobs are hard to find but if we segment down the jobs as per the countries where a shortage of certain skilled professionals is observed then those countries are found ready to hire international talent even on higher salaries.

So why don’t we take advantage of that and smartly evaluate countries for their high demand job professions so we would then know if our profession is being paid well there or not and then we take a decision to find jobs in the country where salary for our profession is high.

We did this case study for you guys and the following is our complete analysis of five countries with their average salaries, high-demand occupations, and job application tips.

1. Current Netherlands 2023 Jobs With VISA Sponsorship for International Applicants

Our list starts with Netherlands which focuses highly on international trade & technological innovations to generate more job opportunities and make the economy remarkably stable. As per Dutch Centraal Planbureau (CPB), skilled workers employed in the Netherlands get an average salary of $50,700 a year for most professions with allowances and bonuses. And if you are wondering which jobs are well paid in Netherlands then it’s obvious that Clinical Researchers, Company Lawyers, Addiction Psychiatrists, surgeons, pilots, and bankers are the top rated professions which i think they are highly paid in Netherlands.

2. Australian Government Jobs 2023 – Applications process

Working in Australia might give you a new and pleasant experience where you will work only for a limited hours of time and may also be eligible to keep working for extra hours to earn additional cash. With that the Australian job market is not small and there is always a high demand for skilled international workers fluent in English language for various job professions. If you are wondering how much salary an employee in Australia can make per year, then as per Australian Bureau of Statistics AUD$60k/year salary is paid on average and it includes 35 hours of work services in a day with overtime extra salary on top of it.

Now let’s understand that these job professions in Australia are in high demand in 2023 and these are: cardiologists, medical laboratory technicians, nursing staff, chefs, and electricians; so if you got expertise and qualifications in any of these professions with good fluency in English language then don’t waste time and start applying for jobs in Australia to help you raise your standard of living.

3. Government of Flanders, Belgium Masters Mind Scholarship For International Students

Belgium has flexible Work visa policies for foreigners who want to work there as skilled international workers as Belgium’s job market always has a high demand for petrochemical engineers, anesthesiologists, ATC controllers, chemical engineers, supply chain managers, and researchers. Moreover, people with EU passports can find jobs in Belgium more easily and be a part of the following most in-demand fields petroleum industry, management consultancy, computer Programing, and financial services.

Belgium is a busy country that you can at least make money from almost every field like farming, pharmaceuticals, transportation, car assembling, and food processing. This is why Belgium is super famous for its wide range of employment options with the highest per year average income of US$74.4k per annum as per federal statistics department of Belgium.

4. Currently Compiled Norway Jobs With VISA Sponsorship In 2023 for International Applicants

Statistically, the average annual salary for Norwegian workers (as per TradingEconomics) was recorded to be US$3931/month with almost zero percent crime rate (as per Macrotrends) which makes Norway the happiest nation because of a safer environment and well-paid salaries.

Now let’s talk about jobs in Norway that are always in high demand so if you are a pharmacist, hold a Nursing degree, have an HVAC Engineering certification, have a degree in fisheries/Veterinary degree, or are Railway Engineer; then don’t wait in getting a step forward to apply for a job in Norway. However, Norway is situated in fourth position for generating the highest per capita in the world according to IMF so working in this country would never let you regret it!

5. Current Argentina Jobs With VISA – Application Process

A point to conclude on, we have Argentina to be looking for highly skilled workers across the world which is in high demand in 2023. Argentina is famous for providing high salaries to their hardworking employees in tourism, farming, education, transportation, & pharmaceutical industries. However, as per federal statistics office of Argentina the average annual income of employees in Argentina was recorded to be €49,200. So, if you got experience and degrees in any of the above-mentioned sectors of Argentina then please apply for jobs there because these professions are very highly in demand and well compensated there.

6. Listed 2023-2024 Universities Without Application Fee For Admission

We hope by reading this article, you may find interest in the above jobs mentioned. Please don’t let any little opportunity chance by leaving your side, grab it and make use of it effectively. For more, is always at your back to provide you with the best and reliable informations you may need.

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