Bank of Ghana Urge Ghanaian Not To Take Loan From These 19 Financial Institutions

By | December 12, 2022

Central Bank on the general meeting had on August 2022 that there are some nineteen (19) online financial institutions who have not been registered and authorized by the parliamentary Act, 930.

They provides services in their own risk and at the risk of consumers. Bank of Ghana has therefore entreated these service providers to follow the proper channel as enshrined in the Act 930 of Ghana banking institution. And for the protection of citizens all across the country. According to Bank of Ghana, Ghanaians must be vigilant on these online loan providers to protect themselves from any intimely risk.

Below Are Those 19 Financial Institutions That Provides Loan Facilities For Clients

  • Adamfopa Loan
  • Loan Club-Ghana instant Loan
  • Chaste Loan Application
  • Ghana Lending Application
  • Zidisha Online Loan
  • 4cedi instant Ghana Loan Application
  • Sika Purse Instant Ghana Loan
  • Meta-Lending Instant Cash Loan
  • Wo hia sika Loan
  • Boseafie online loan
  • Sika Kasa online lending
  • Loan Pro- Digital and Instant Loan
  • Sika Wura Loan Application
  • Begyebesia Loan Application
  • Cedi Now Loan Application
  • Mobile Loan Application
  • CredXter Instant Loan, Hire Purchase
  • Crest Cash Loan
  • Lending Papa- Online Loan

Bank of Ghana further explained vividly the need to hold these unauthorized entities responsible to avoid risk at the side of Ghanaian

The Bank of Ghana is taking steps to help prevent these entities and hereby advises the general public to spurn and becareful from patronizing on these unlicensed loan providers.

BoG again in a statement advised Banks and Specialized Deposit-Taking Institutions as well as payment service providers not to facilitate the illegal transactions with theses unlicensed loan providers.

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