Aspirants Guide for Admission Process to Study in USA

By | January 22, 2023

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Considering the study destinations in the world, the USA stands at the top for international students. Home of Globally acclaimed universities like the University of Harvard, Stanford University, MIT, and many others, the country is renowned for its state-of-the-art education system and a multinational cosmopolitan aura that attracts students from all around the world. While universities in the USA have their own specialized admission process for international students, there are certain essentials you need to keep in mind while applying for an American academic institution! Read this blog to get a comprehensive overview of the admission process to study in USA!

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1. Make a list of Schools of your Choice

2. Contact the Universities in the USA

3. Go through Application Essentials and Requirements

4. Register and Take the Admission Tests Required

5. Prepare Your Essays and Application

6. Fill Out the Application Form

7. Wait for the Acceptance Letter

8. Receive Acceptance Letters

9. Fee Deposit

10. Fill out I-20 Form and Apply for Student Visa

There Are Some Questions That Applicants Will Also Want To Ask:

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1. Is it hard to study in US?

American university student culture may be defined as a “work hard, play hard” society. Classes are intellectually demanding, with a lot of homework, and many students have part-time jobs to help pay for their education. Many colleges in the United States offer outstanding facilities for both sports and academics.

2. Can I study in USA for free?

Scholarships are available to international students at a number of colleges and educational institutes in the United States. With these scholarships, you may study undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the United States for a reasonable and inexpensive price.

3. How much percentage is required for study in USA?

A minimum academic record of 65 percent or higher in the humanities stream in class XII, and 70 – 80 percent or higher in the science/commerce stream in class XII, will also be required. Students with less than a 60 percent grade point average can enroll in Foundations and Diploma programs.

Here Are The Ultimate Guide To Apply For International Admission In US:

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1. Make List of Schools of Your Choice

The first step you need to take before kickstarting the admission process is to actually make a list of the schools and universities in USA that offer your preferred program of study. Browse through the official websites of these universities and go through the major programs they offer in your field of interest and then make a list accordingly.

2. Contact The Universities In The United States As a Form of Enquiry

After you’ve prepared a list and decided which schools/universities you want to attend in the United States, you may contact each one by phone or mail. You may use this stage to clear up any questions you have about that particular university’s courses, programs, the methodology adopted for teaching, accommodation, fees, application form, international student admission information, and so on.

3. Go through Application Essentials and Requirements

the next step before the actual admission process to study in USA is finding out all the application essentials, eligibility requirements and documents checklist you need to apply to your shortlisted universities. Here are the major applications essentials and requirements to study in USA:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • English Language Proficiency Scores such as IELTSTOEFL, etc.
  • SAT/ACT Scores for undergraduate programs
  • GMAT/GRE for MBA
  • GRE for Masters and Doctoral programs
  • Research Proposal for Doctoral programs
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Additional admission essays
  • Resume/CV

4. Register And Take Admission Test Required

At this step of the admission process, you should take at least 6 months time to appear for the required eligibility exams such as language proficiency exams like IELTSTOEFLPTE, etc. or standardized test prep for GMATGRESATACT, etc. This way, you can target the best scores that are needed to apply for your shortlisted program and universities. These exams are conducted at testing facilities all around the world. They are “standardized,” which means that students take the same test at every testing location or test center. Your results provide the admissions staff with a consistent worldwide benchmark for comparing your abilities to those of other students.

5. You Must Prepare Your Essays Whilst Awaiting

You must also work on drafting an impressive application for your chosen course and this would include preparing SOP, LORs as well as finessing your resume and CV. For programs like MBA, you might also be needed to submit MBA admission essays, and while for PhD in USA, you will be asked to provide a research proposal.

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Here are some pointers on how to produce an outstanding essay:

  • Consider and choose an interesting/fascinating topic. Your essay topic should be meaningful to you. It should show something about your personality, values, or hobbies, as well as how you differ from other applicants.
  • Complete your essay. It takes time to write well. Don’t try to finish your essay in one afternoon. Take careful note of the introduction. Draw the reader in so that he or she is curious about what the rest of your essay will disclose.
  • Employ simple phrases to describe your ideas; you do not need to use complicated vocabulary words to demonstrate your command of the English language.
  • Take your time and seek assistance. Allow yourself ample time to go away from your essay for a few days, if not a week, and then return to it. This will help you to reread your essay with new eyes.
  • Request that your mentors, instructors, friends, and family read your essay since they will notice issues you have overlooked or forgotten to mention.

6. Fill Out The Application Form

 the next step is to gear up your complete college application to study in USA. You must remember that US universities admissions are based on student’s academic records and applicable test scores such as IELTS/TOEFL, SAT or ACT. You might also be required to submit GMAT or GRE scores depending upon the course you’re applying for. You will have to pay an application processing fee which varies from $35-$100. Further, if you also want to apply for a scholarship at the same university, you will be needed to enclose your scholarship application along with the application form.

7. Wait For An Acceptance Letter

Once you have submitted all the required documents before the deadline, you will have to wait to hear the final result and if your application is an impressive one, you will get the acceptance letter(s) from the universities that shortlisted you!

8 Receive Acceptance Letter

After the application deadline, you will start getting acceptance letters from the universities you have chosen. Some universities notify candidates of their acceptance as soon as their documents arrive in the admissions office; this is referred to as “rolling admissions.” Other universities, on the other hand, wait many months before informing all candidates.

9. Make a Free Deposit

After receiving your acceptance letter, you will be required to deposit your fees to the selected university. As for most universities, they have a deadline under which you are required to pay. It is advised to pay the fees as early as possible especially if you are planning on getting a room at the campus as they get filled up pretty fast. 

10. Fill Out 1-20 Forms And Apply For Student Visa

After getting accepted at a school and depositing your fee, you will receive an I-20 form from your designated school. The form is an important document that helps you get your student visa and you should keep it safe for your entire international student life cycle. While entering the country, you will be required to have the original form with you. Thus, this would be the concluding step of the admission process to study in USA as now you will have to sort out other aspects like accommodation, USA Student Visa application, etc.

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